Michael Kors Silver Lexington Watches

Michael Kors Silver Lexington Watch:

Michael Kors silver Lexington watch is beautifully designed luxury watch. It is very smooth, glossy, elegant and lustrous. It has taken style and fashion to a whole new level. It is water resistant and offers unique monochromatic silver-tone bracelet and dial. You can wear it to work as well as on any formal occasion. It’s a dynamic watch which offers you elegance, style and impressive look. You can get many distinctive features in one thing. It is suitable for all events.

Michael Kors Goldtone Lexington Watch with Black Dial:

This ravishing watch is gorgeous and very attractive. The gold-tone stainless steel basal and distinctive black dial makes it dynamic. It is water resistant. It is perfectly designed manly watch with extensive features. It is highly advanced in functions and suitable for all manner of occasions. It is best for formal occasions. The color of bracelet and dial make it look exquisite and exotic. It is perfect watch to wear anytime and anywhere.




Michael Kors Watches Gage Chronograph Watch:

If you like to wear decent, sober and simple watches then, it is perfect for you. It has beautifully designed blue dial with silver-tone. It has an analog dial, sub-dials, leather band and much more to offer. The leather is stout and sturdy. This watch is an amazing, stunning with everything to offer. It fulfills all your requirements either it is related to time or style. It is a great combination of style, subtle fashion, and grace. It will give you gentlemen look. It is an all-purpose watch which you can wear anywhere either its formal or semi-formal occasion.


Michael Kors Men’s Goldtone and Black Dylan Watch:

If you are looking for an exquisite and innovative watch, then this black Dylan watch is perfect for you. It is very cool and fashionable. It has many features like water-resistance, navy silicon strap, beautiful dial, sub-dials and much more to offer. It is perfect for official meetings, dinners, and formal occasions.  It is very comfortable to wear. It is stylish, modern, elegant and very classy. The fine and majestic look of this watch will add swag in your personality.

Michael Kors Men’s Caine Black Watch: MK8096

Men’s Caine black watch is refined, majestic, flawless and graceful. It is perfect in every manner. It has stainless steel bracelet, prominent black dial, sub-dials, Arabic numeral and many other features. Perfect for every occasion, either it is an official dinner or formal event. The dark black color of this watch is very alluring and enticing. If you want the combination of glamour and grace, then you should have this watch.


Should buying replica watch is illegal

Talking about replicas seems to start fights. On one side you have the die hard watch lovers who would never touch a fake watch, and on the other side you see people who want higher quality, but for less money.
A counterfeit watch is an illegal copy of an authentic watch. According to estimates by the Swiss Customs Service, there are some 30 to 40 million counterfeit watches put into circulation each year.

Forgery of watches became a serious problem in the eighteenth century when Britain came to rival France as the leading producer of quality clocks and watches. By the middle of the century, watchmakers in Augsburg (Germany) and in various small towns in French-speaking Switzerland were producing watches falsely signed with the names of well-known English makers such as George Graham and Eardley Norton. Other, less obvious, forgeries carried imaginary names with a vaguely English sound, such as ‘Samson’ or ‘Simpton’. In the following century Breguet became a frequent target for forgers; at the same time British makers continued to suffer, many forgeries bearing the name ‘M. J. Tobias’ – a mistake for a real London maker named Michael Isaac Tobias. In the 1860s, when the American watch industry was gaining strength, the Swiss industry was responsible for many imitations of Waltham watches; these, unlike most of the earlier forgeries, often imitated the appearance of the genuine article quite closely as well as borrowing the names. This practice died out in the early 1870s, as the Swiss could not compete, so surrendered the mass-market field to U.S. firms and focused on branding high end status symbols.

But is it illegal to buy a replica watch? No, not at all. You guys must know that there is a difference between replica watches and replica watches. Walk around for 5 minutes in New York city at night and you will find at least 3 guys selling “Rolex watches”. That’s illegal. He’s selling those watches as the real deal, for cheap. He doesn’t tell you that it is a fake watch. He is claiming that it is a real Rolex. That’s the illegal part.
But as long as the seller tells you that it is a replica, and not the real thing, it’s totally fine.

So how do you know when you’re buying a replica watch the legal way? Well, first of you need to be able to trust your seller. If you are planning to buy a replica watch, try to avoid those street stands where the watch costs $5 to $100. Those are just going to fall apart. There are plenty of online stores who actually sell high quality stuff. I did some research back when I wrote the article Real Rolex Vs. Rolex Replica and found a site that I could trust. They are called Super Watches and are a company based in Hong Kong. If you read the FAQ section on their site, you can see that they clearly state that all their watches are imitations of the real deal.

“Our fake Rolex, Imitation Rolex watches or Rolex replicas are most appreciated as far as quality, design imitation excellence and economical pricing packages are concerned. Also, we specialize in manufacturing & creating other designer watches as well like Breitling replica watches, Omega replica watches, Tag Heuer, Montblanc and the like.”

I actually did a test with one of their Rolex replicas, where I took it to my local watch store and showed it to my friend working there. He couldn’t tell the difference between the real one and the fake one I had with me. There was also another customer in the store who took a look at the two watches and actually thought that the replica I had with me was the real watch, and that the real Rolex actually was the fake on. So the watches Super Watches are selling is of high quality. I if you aren’t saticfied with your watch you could always return it, since they have a 14 days money back policy.

Should you buy a replica Watch, or buy the real thing? Okay, so here’s the deal. The real watch lovers wouldn’t touch a fake watch, just like an Apple fan boy wouldn’t touch a fake iPhone. But if you are a person who would feel how it feels to have a Rolex, Breitling or Omega watch on your wrist, without paying the big bucks, a replica is the thing for you. As long as you’re buying it for the right reason. If you’re buying a replica just to fool everyone to think you are a high roller, you’re buying it for the wrong reason. But if you buy it just to feel how it is, then buy all means go for it. I bought mine to check out the quality of it, and to ask my friends if they can tell which one was the real and which one was the fake one. By the way, only one of my friends dad could spot the replica. Buying a replica watch is like buying a copy of a Fender guitar. It’s way cheaper then the real thing and the quality can be almost dead on.

Design Your Own watch

Have you ever thought of making your own watch? Yeah, I know, me too. I’ve loved watches for as long as I can remember, but for the past months I’ve really wanted something unique. Something that only I had. I wanted to make my own watch. I did some research online and let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it seems to be… until now!

Last night when I was browsing Instagram, I stumble upon an account by the name EONIQ. They are a fashion tech startup founded in Hong Kong. They are the first one globally to bring customized mechanical watches that are designed by users on their website. On top of offering selections for different watch components, they also enable users to upload their own designs and images so they can create truly unique watches.

I went to their site to have a look for myself and I was presently surprised. The user interface is really simple to use, and I came up with 2 different designs in less then two hours. The best part is that you don’t even need to build it yourself. They will build it for you. Starting at 298 USD, you can design your own quality mechanical watches with their online software. You can select the watch components, design the watch face, upload your own designs, type or even sign your own name on your watch design.

Each of their custom watches are built to order. After you purchase your design on their web site, they start making your watch face and the watch will be hand assembled within 4 – 5 weeks’ time. Each of the watch faces are precisely fabricated independently based on their customer’s design.

EONIQ is founded by 3 friends who grew up in Hong Kong. Lead by Mr. Quinn Lai, the team is building a company from scratch, in an attempt to create a Hong Kong based startup that addresses a global need. With none of the founders originating from any rich families, they all understood the pain in finding a truly unique, but yet affordable watch that they’d be proud to wear in different occasions (even elite occasions). EONIQ brings the originally luxury exclusive enjoyment of quality unique watches to everyone. In addition, an easy to personalize watch with timeless quality makes EONIQ watches great gifts for special occasions.

I had to reach out to EONIQ. We had a really long email conversation where we talked about how fantastic their idea was. They where also amazing enough to give readers of My Premium Watch a $20 DISCOUNT. Use the code EONIQPREMIUMWATCH at checkout to get a $20 discount. Make sure to do it quickly though since the code only works until 1st of November 2016 and has a maximum of 50 uses. To start building your own watch, click here.

If you ever wanted to design your own watch, without needing to find a factory making it, this is for you. You can now finally have that custom timepiece on your wrist. Be special, be yourself and be awesome.

3 Best Black and Gold Nixon Watches

I saw one of my older friends last night when I went out for a drink. Being the watch lover I am, my second question after ‘how are you’ was what watch he was wearing. He proudly pulled up his sleeve and showed me his brand new Nixon watch he just got from Amazon. It was gorgeous. It was one of those black and gold models. My friend is in the music scene and his overall style is leather jacket, nice pair of jeans and matching boots. Not like a biker, more like a man who knows how to dress with a bad boy touch. The black and gold Nixon watch looked amazing with his outfit.

When I came home, I went to Amazon and looked up black and gold Nixon watches, and I found a couple. So here is my top 3 pick for the best black and gold Nixon watch:

3. Watch NIXON A4501604

lets start at third place. Nixon is well-known for its luxurious and accurate timepieces and this pristine Sentry 38 watch is a welcome addition to the family, Showcasing its securely housed black dial under the mineral crystal. Inside the 38mm stainless steel case this watch demands attention. Its 100 meters/330 feet water resistance simply backs up the fact that these watches are made with only the best materials and care.

This watch features:
– Mineral Crystal
– Fold-Over Push-Button clasp with safety
– Case and band made of stainless steel
– 38mm case diameter
– 10.4mm thick
– Japanese Quarts

PRICE: $199.00

2. Nixon A105-1041

Coming at second place is this beauty. It is actually the watch my friend had. Don’t show him this last though, because he will kill me if he saw that I placed his watch in second place instead of first. Anyway, it’s a beautiful looking watch. I wouldn’t wear this with a grey or navy blue suit. If you ask me, which you totally should, this watch fits best with the “bad boy look”. You know, the leather jacket, messy hair, 5 o’clock shadow and scratchy jeans. Or with a black suit.

This watch features:
– Mineral Crystal
– Buckle clasp
– Case made of stainless steel
– 42mm case diameter
– 11mm thick
– Pig skin leather band
– Quartz movement

PRICE: $156.58

1. Nixon A0131041

Coming in at number one is this squared masterpiece. If you want to be more edgy than the rest, you need a squared watch. I love this design. No numbers, golden arms, clean Nixon logo and full stainless steel body in matte black. It’s amazing. You might also be surprised to know that this watch is actually the cheapest watch on the list. It just proves that more money doesn’t mean better product all the time. This one is my favorite and it’s the one that deserves a spot in my watch box at home.

This watch features:
– Mineral crystal
– Deployment clasp
– Case and band made of stainless steel
– 36 mm case diameter
– 10 mm thick
– Matte black
– quartz movement

PRICE: $148.00

Best Diesel Watches prices less than $150

When it comes to watches that are big on style, size and functionality, not many other watch brands have excellent offerings like what Diesel watches have to offer. When we are not talking about fashion accessories, the term Diesel is used to refer to engines that are tough and designed to perform heavy duty tasks. While I would not say Diesel watches are the toughest wrist watch (as a matter of fact, it is far from the toughest that goes to Casio G-Shock). But watches bearing the Diesel label certainly project tough images to whoever wearing them.

In case you are wondering how the entire Diesel brand was started, you may read its brief history here. In essence, the guys at Diesel fashion empire are no heavyweight horologist and knows nothing much about watches, but they sure know what makes a stylish and masculine-looking watches. So remember this one piece of advice and you would not regret your decisions later on. Diesel watches are merely fashion watches. You are paying for the watch design and of course, the brand label itself. Most Diesel watches do not come cheap, I agree. But with reasonable budget of $150, your options are plenty and here are 5 of the most popular watches that the Diesel brand has to offer.

#1: DZ1437

If you are looking for a watch with no frill and no gimmick attached, the Diesel DZ1437 will be the perfect option. The Diesel DZ1437 comes with no other functionalities other than analog dial. No, it does not even have the date information displayed on it. I’m not sure how much you still rely on the date information on your watch these days. With smartphones by your side almost the entire time when we are not sleeping, I can always turn to my phone screen to get current date. Since it comes with bare minimum functionality to be considered a functional watch, the DZ1437 is definitely not for everyone. But if you happen to physically see the DZ1437, you will believe me if I say its beauty can melt the hearts of even the most ardent opposition of the idea of a bare minimum watch. Costing at less than $100, I bet you can find many other watches that can compare to this beauty.

#2: DZ1321

The second best model that is going to cost you less than $150 is the Diesel DZ1321. If DZ1437 is almost entirely in black, the DZ1321 is the exact opposite. The Diesel DZ1321 is almost entirely in white with sleek line of the DIESEL label cutting vertically across the dial of the watch. Just like the DZ1437, the DZ1321 does not come with features such as date display and stop watch. One design ingenuinity of the DZ1321 is the inner marker that is meant to assist you to tell the 24-hour format. I’m not sure if this is a really useful feature to have, but I think the way it is put together just make the DZ1321 awesome and elegant. If you are a fan of white watches, this is probably among your best options other than the line of White G-Shock watches.

#3: DZ4281

The DZ7179 is a round watch in brushed stainless finish with blue sun ray dial and chronograph functionality. I’m not sure if this really is going to be a killer feature. It has analogue dial with leather calfskin. For men it is one of the best choice available in the market.

#4: DZ7130

All right, well, what you have seen so far are all pure analog watches and I’m sure you would by now be accusing me of analog purist who hate digital watches. The next model on my list is the Diesel DZ7130. The DZ7130 is a pure digital watch and it comes with much richer set of features. The DZ7130 has both the day and date information display in addition to the time display. In addition, it is equipped with digital stopwatch. While you cannot expect a sophisticated stopwatch timer functionalities, it is nonetheless a handy feature to have. The one thing I love about the DZ7130 is its silver bezel casing. The contrast it exhibits with the black straps simply look magnificent.

#5: DZ4246

Next on the list is the Diesel DZ4246. This is again an analog watch but it has the day and date display in addition to the time display. The case and strap design of the DZ4246 is intriguing. The case is made of stainless steel while the strap is made of genuine brown leather material. A picture worth a thousand words. I’ll leave you with the pictures to revel in.