3 Best Black and Gold Nixon Watches

I saw one of my older friends last night when I went out for a drink. Being the watch lover I am, my second question after ‘how are you’ was what watch he was wearing. He proudly pulled up his sleeve and showed me his brand new Nixon watch he just got from Amazon. It was gorgeous. It was one of those black and gold models. My friend is in the music scene and his overall style is leather jacket, nice pair of jeans and matching boots. Not like a biker, more like a man who knows how to dress with a bad boy touch. The black and gold Nixon watch looked amazing with his outfit.

When I came home, I went to Amazon and looked up black and gold Nixon watches, and I found a couple. So here is my top 3 pick for the best black and gold Nixon watch:

3. Watch NIXON A4501604

lets start at third place. Nixon is well-known for its luxurious and accurate timepieces and this pristine Sentry 38 watch is a welcome addition to the family, Showcasing its securely housed black dial under the mineral crystal. Inside the 38mm stainless steel case this watch demands attention. Its 100 meters/330 feet water resistance simply backs up the fact that these watches are made with only the best materials and care.

This watch features:
– Mineral Crystal
– Fold-Over Push-Button clasp with safety
– Case and band made of stainless steel
– 38mm case diameter
– 10.4mm thick
– Japanese Quarts

PRICE: $199.00

2. Nixon A105-1041

Coming at second place is this beauty. It is actually the watch my friend had. Don’t show him this last though, because he will kill me if he saw that I placed his watch in second place instead of first. Anyway, it’s a beautiful looking watch. I wouldn’t wear this with a grey or navy blue suit. If you ask me, which you totally should, this watch fits best with the “bad boy look”. You know, the leather jacket, messy hair, 5 o’clock shadow and scratchy jeans. Or with a black suit.

This watch features:
– Mineral Crystal
– Buckle clasp
– Case made of stainless steel
– 42mm case diameter
– 11mm thick
– Pig skin leather band
– Quartz movement

PRICE: $156.58

1. Nixon A0131041

Coming in at number one is this squared masterpiece. If you want to be more edgy than the rest, you need a squared watch. I love this design. No numbers, golden arms, clean Nixon logo and full stainless steel body in matte black. It’s amazing. You might also be surprised to know that this watch is actually the cheapest watch on the list. It just proves that more money doesn’t mean better product all the time. This one is my favorite and it’s the one that deserves a spot in my watch box at home.

This watch features:
– Mineral crystal
– Deployment clasp
– Case and band made of stainless steel
– 36 mm case diameter
– 10 mm thick
– Matte black
– quartz movement

PRICE: $148.00

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