Best Diesel Watches prices less than $150

When it comes to watches that are big on style, size and functionality, not many other watch brands have excellent offerings like what Diesel watches have to offer. When we are not talking about fashion accessories, the term Diesel is used to refer to engines that are tough and designed to perform heavy duty tasks. While I would not say Diesel watches are the toughest wrist watch (as a matter of fact, it is far from the toughest that goes to Casio G-Shock). But watches bearing the Diesel label certainly project tough images to whoever wearing them.

In case you are wondering how the entire Diesel brand was started, you may read its brief history here. In essence, the guys at Diesel fashion empire are no heavyweight horologist and knows nothing much about watches, but they sure know what makes a stylish and masculine-looking watches. So remember this one piece of advice and you would not regret your decisions later on. Diesel watches are merely fashion watches. You are paying for the watch design and of course, the brand label itself. Most Diesel watches do not come cheap, I agree. But with reasonable budget of $150, your options are plenty and here are 5 of the most popular watches that the Diesel brand has to offer.

#1: DZ1437

If you are looking for a watch with no frill and no gimmick attached, the Diesel DZ1437 will be the perfect option. The Diesel DZ1437 comes with no other functionalities other than analog dial. No, it does not even have the date information displayed on it. I’m not sure how much you still rely on the date information on your watch these days. With smartphones by your side almost the entire time when we are not sleeping, I can always turn to my phone screen to get current date. Since it comes with bare minimum functionality to be considered a functional watch, the DZ1437 is definitely not for everyone. But if you happen to physically see the DZ1437, you will believe me if I say its beauty can melt the hearts of even the most ardent opposition of the idea of a bare minimum watch. Costing at less than $100, I bet you can find many other watches that can compare to this beauty.

#2: DZ1321

The second best model that is going to cost you less than $150 is the Diesel DZ1321. If DZ1437 is almost entirely in black, the DZ1321 is the exact opposite. The Diesel DZ1321 is almost entirely in white with sleek line of the DIESEL label cutting vertically across the dial of the watch. Just like the DZ1437, the DZ1321 does not come with features such as date display and stop watch. One design ingenuinity of the DZ1321 is the inner marker that is meant to assist you to tell the 24-hour format. I’m not sure if this is a really useful feature to have, but I think the way it is put together just make the DZ1321 awesome and elegant. If you are a fan of white watches, this is probably among your best options other than the line of White G-Shock watches.

#3: DZ4281

The DZ7179 is a round watch in brushed stainless finish with blue sun ray dial and chronograph functionality. I’m not sure if this really is going to be a killer feature. It has analogue dial with leather calfskin. For men it is one of the best choice available in the market.

#4: DZ7130

All right, well, what you have seen so far are all pure analog watches and I’m sure you would by now be accusing me of analog purist who hate digital watches. The next model on my list is the Diesel DZ7130. The DZ7130 is a pure digital watch and it comes with much richer set of features. The DZ7130 has both the day and date information display in addition to the time display. In addition, it is equipped with digital stopwatch. While you cannot expect a sophisticated stopwatch timer functionalities, it is nonetheless a handy feature to have. The one thing I love about the DZ7130 is its silver bezel casing. The contrast it exhibits with the black straps simply look magnificent.

#5: DZ4246

Next on the list is the Diesel DZ4246. This is again an analog watch but it has the day and date display in addition to the time display. The case and strap design of the DZ4246 is intriguing. The case is made of stainless steel while the strap is made of genuine brown leather material. A picture worth a thousand words. I’ll leave you with the pictures to revel in.

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