Design Your Own watch

Have you ever thought of making your own watch? Yeah, I know, me too. I’ve loved watches for as long as I can remember, but for the past months I’ve really wanted something unique. Something that only I had. I wanted to make my own watch. I did some research online and let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it seems to be… until now!

Last night when I was browsing Instagram, I stumble upon an account by the name EONIQ. They are a fashion tech startup founded in Hong Kong. They are the first one globally to bring customized mechanical watches that are designed by users on their website. On top of offering selections for different watch components, they also enable users to upload their own designs and images so they can create truly unique watches.

I went to their site to have a look for myself and I was presently surprised. The user interface is really simple to use, and I came up with 2 different designs in less then two hours. The best part is that you don’t even need to build it yourself. They will build it for you. Starting at 298 USD, you can design your own quality mechanical watches with their online software. You can select the watch components, design the watch face, upload your own designs, type or even sign your own name on your watch design.

Each of their custom watches are built to order. After you purchase your design on their web site, they start making your watch face and the watch will be hand assembled within 4 – 5 weeks’ time. Each of the watch faces are precisely fabricated independently based on their customer’s design.

EONIQ is founded by 3 friends who grew up in Hong Kong. Lead by Mr. Quinn Lai, the team is building a company from scratch, in an attempt to create a Hong Kong based startup that addresses a global need. With none of the founders originating from any rich families, they all understood the pain in finding a truly unique, but yet affordable watch that they’d be proud to wear in different occasions (even elite occasions). EONIQ brings the originally luxury exclusive enjoyment of quality unique watches to everyone. In addition, an easy to personalize watch with timeless quality makes EONIQ watches great gifts for special occasions.

I had to reach out to EONIQ. We had a really long email conversation where we talked about how fantastic their idea was. They where also amazing enough to give readers of My Premium Watch a $20 DISCOUNT. Use the code EONIQPREMIUMWATCH at checkout to get a $20 discount. Make sure to do it quickly though since the code only works until 1st of November 2016 and has a maximum of 50 uses. To start building your own watch, click here.

If you ever wanted to design your own watch, without needing to find a factory making it, this is for you. You can now finally have that custom timepiece on your wrist. Be special, be yourself and be awesome.

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