Should buying replica watch is illegal

Talking about replicas seems to start fights. On one side you have the die hard watch lovers who would never touch a fake watch, and on the other side you see people who want higher quality, but for less money.
A counterfeit watch is an illegal copy of an authentic watch. According to estimates by the Swiss Customs Service, there are some 30 to 40 million counterfeit watches put into circulation each year.

Forgery of watches became a serious problem in the eighteenth century when Britain came to rival France as the leading producer of quality clocks and watches. By the middle of the century, watchmakers in Augsburg (Germany) and in various small towns in French-speaking Switzerland were producing watches falsely signed with the names of well-known English makers such as George Graham and Eardley Norton. Other, less obvious, forgeries carried imaginary names with a vaguely English sound, such as ‘Samson’ or ‘Simpton’. In the following century Breguet became a frequent target for forgers; at the same time British makers continued to suffer, many forgeries bearing the name ‘M. J. Tobias’ – a mistake for a real London maker named Michael Isaac Tobias. In the 1860s, when the American watch industry was gaining strength, the Swiss industry was responsible for many imitations of Waltham watches; these, unlike most of the earlier forgeries, often imitated the appearance of the genuine article quite closely as well as borrowing the names. This practice died out in the early 1870s, as the Swiss could not compete, so surrendered the mass-market field to U.S. firms and focused on branding high end status symbols.

But is it illegal to buy a replica watch? No, not at all. You guys must know that there is a difference between replica watches and replica watches. Walk around for 5 minutes in New York city at night and you will find at least 3 guys selling “Rolex watches”. That’s illegal. He’s selling those watches as the real deal, for cheap. He doesn’t tell you that it is a fake watch. He is claiming that it is a real Rolex. That’s the illegal part.
But as long as the seller tells you that it is a replica, and not the real thing, it’s totally fine.

So how do you know when you’re buying a replica watch the legal way? Well, first of you need to be able to trust your seller. If you are planning to buy a replica watch, try to avoid those street stands where the watch costs $5 to $100. Those are just going to fall apart. There are plenty of online stores who actually sell high quality stuff. I did some research back when I wrote the article Real Rolex Vs. Rolex Replica and found a site that I could trust. They are called Super Watches and are a company based in Hong Kong. If you read the FAQ section on their site, you can see that they clearly state that all their watches are imitations of the real deal.

“Our fake Rolex, Imitation Rolex watches or Rolex replicas are most appreciated as far as quality, design imitation excellence and economical pricing packages are concerned. Also, we specialize in manufacturing & creating other designer watches as well like Breitling replica watches, Omega replica watches, Tag Heuer, Montblanc and the like.”

I actually did a test with one of their Rolex replicas, where I took it to my local watch store and showed it to my friend working there. He couldn’t tell the difference between the real one and the fake one I had with me. There was also another customer in the store who took a look at the two watches and actually thought that the replica I had with me was the real watch, and that the real Rolex actually was the fake on. So the watches Super Watches are selling is of high quality. I if you aren’t saticfied with your watch you could always return it, since they have a 14 days money back policy.

Should you buy a replica Watch, or buy the real thing? Okay, so here’s the deal. The real watch lovers wouldn’t touch a fake watch, just like an Apple fan boy wouldn’t touch a fake iPhone. But if you are a person who would feel how it feels to have a Rolex, Breitling or Omega watch on your wrist, without paying the big bucks, a replica is the thing for you. As long as you’re buying it for the right reason. If you’re buying a replica just to fool everyone to think you are a high roller, you’re buying it for the wrong reason. But if you buy it just to feel how it is, then buy all means go for it. I bought mine to check out the quality of it, and to ask my friends if they can tell which one was the real and which one was the fake one. By the way, only one of my friends dad could spot the replica. Buying a replica watch is like buying a copy of a Fender guitar. It’s way cheaper then the real thing and the quality can be almost dead on.

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